torsdag, mars 22, 2012

Famous people report!

Today I have made a montage, so to speak... put in some pictures anyway (and a video!), of all the famous Swedish people I have seen so far this year.
Living in Stockholm has its advantages if you're keen on seeing famous Swedish people.
 Most live here. Some live out in the country, but that's mostly writers I think. Like Liza Marklund and Henning Mankell. I haven't read any of them but they're very famous anyway.

Ok, so here they are:

Rickard Ohlsson is the host for a show called "Vem vet mest?" Which means "Who knows the most?" Me and my girlfriend saw him ordering a thai take away in Västra Orminge while we were picking up a "stringhylla" we just bought.

Then there's Kenny Haag. He plays the "tyskaläraren" (german teacher) in one of Sweden's best series ever, called Kenny Starfighter. He was on the same flight as me from Stockholm to Newark, and then Newark to Ft. Lauderdale.

Henrik Dorsin and Micke Lindgren are both members of the Swedish humor team "Grotesco". Micke Lindgren played in the "Ebba och Didrik" series back in 1990, where he, but ten years old, played the evil and lonely Mårten.
Henrik Dorsin is famous for lots of stuff.
I saw them yesterday walking in Zinkensdamm in Stockholm. 

Then there's Peter Siepen. He had a strange show lots of years ago called "Estrad" on ZTV, where he would lay upon a divan, raised on a dais, dressed like a king, showing his abs, and interview people. Since then I'm not sure what he's been up to, but he must live somewhere around here since I've seen quite often.

Yes, that's all the famous people I've so far this year, three months worth. Quite spectacular. Good work.

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Anonym sa...

I would often see Peter Siepen take a fika somwhere in Gamla Stan a couple of years ago.