onsdag, maj 06, 2009

Bug report.


Today I downloaded Amnesia since I wanted to remove some applications. I removed some and was very delighted to see extra folders and random files be swept away. Well, then I removed Adobe Stock Photos and didn't really read what Amnesia was going to remove.

Which was a HUGE mistake.

Amnesia thought the Applications Folder was something that should be removed too you see. And so, when my Applications Folder started to loose applications I paniced and tried to cancel. But, Amnesia didn't cancel anything and removed every single application on my computer, 6,2 GB. And, then, it removed itself, since it ALSO was in the Apps Folder.

I have myself to blame I guess since I didn't really read what Amnesia was going to remove. But I never thought it would be so stupid to remove that folder. Including itself.

I had to format my computer and reinstall Leopard to be able to acces internet to write you this.

If you have it in your heart you could at least give me a licensed version of Amnesia for comfort, since I guess it's really a good program, if you read REALLY carefully EXACTLY what it's going to remove.

Anyhow, you should really fix so that it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove the Applications Folder.

Well. I have 6,2 GB of software to install now. Hope you're having a better day than I have.


/Björn from Sweden.

2 kommentarer:

Isabelle sa...

Haha din stackare.. fan va jobbigt
Om jag var bra på datorer och program så skulle jag gärna hjälp dig, men det är jag inte, så jag får bara önska dig lycka till

Anonym sa...

Heej ! var ni i thailand någon gång i vintras? tyckte jag såg er xD !