tisdag, februari 14, 2012


Yes, so the new "website" is coming along really well. No one really uses websites these days, the year of our Lord 2012. But we will. And since so many people are fans of us, and so many of those fans are very unfamiliar with the Swedish language, I'm thinking of going over to the Queens English.

We've heard it in many a movie and many a song, so the transition shouldn't be that hard.

First, I thought of starting another blog, in English. Making it a total of two blogs. But since I can hardly keep up writing one, making the old one in to an English one seems the best alternative.

Yes, yes. That's it.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

När kommer det nya albumet?

Anonym sa...

I'm in USA, and I bookmarked your blog so I could read and learn Swedish!

Anonym sa...

Kommer att sakna de fyndiga svenska formuleringarna :(((