torsdag, februari 23, 2012

1/6 going home.

Today's date is the 23rd of February. Just checked the mail with the flight information. Looks like I'm leaving at 00:50 tonight, not tomorrow. I really thought the flight left on the morning of the 25th. Good thing I looked. Really good. I missed my flight to America last year due to the fact that KLM's (the Dutch airline) flight numbers start with "KL", which means o'clock, sort of, in Sweden. KL1115 did in fact depart at 10:10 or something like that.

But anyway, I'm going home. The rest of the band is still in Cambodia, in Phnom Penh. I'm in Ho Chi Minh City again.
I left my jacket in Cambodia. We're having jackets sewn up you see. For the coming tour, yes. And my jacket was left in the shop. For the sewing people to look at, or whatever they do. Arriving in Sweden will be cold.

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