torsdag, mars 08, 2012

Blogging is cooL!

It's 29 minutes before the "spöktimmen" in Sweden. Which translates into the Ghost Hour. Or the Witching Hour I suppose.

Nevermind that now.

The last couple of days has been fucking ass... assly. Bad. And not because you obviously can't load your saved game directly from the start window in the cracked version of Star Craft II. No, because, the cover art for the album had to be proper done. The front's been ready for... three months? Maybe more. Took me about a week of staying up from whenever I woke up to whenever I got to bed, drawing, inking, scanning, coloring, editing and saving. And since the I persisted on doing everything in 600 dpi (in case we had to print the cover on a soccer field at some point) every save took around four minutes. And the final PSD was a little bit over 1 gigabyte. But that was some months ago.

This week it's been the rest. The back, the inlays, the booklet. For LP and CD.

I've also drawn a press picture since we noticed that our old naked ones where still out there. Looking hot, sure, but not up-to-date-hot.

Yeah, the... no, forgot what I was going to write. Could erase that I guess.


Oh yeah, we bought a V-Machine today. A little box looking like a sound card. But you can put VST's in it. And use. It. Like that.

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